Lego® Serious Play®


Let's Play, with meaning!

Lego® Serious Play® is a facilitation method rooted in play theory, constructionism and constructivism... Basically, humans learn best when we use our hands and tell stories!

as a Certified Lego® Serious Play® facilitator, I lead groups through a series of exercises to guide them to wonderful and meaningful discovery. Each session is customized for the group, and can range from half a day to 3 days in length. 

So, when should you consider using Lego® Serious Play®?

  • you want everyone to participate... equally, honestly, and openly
  • you want to increase understanding and avoid frustration
  • to spark new learning and creative thinking
  • to constructively face complex problems
  • you need your group to find and fully commit to an answer or solution
  • you want your session to be productive, memorable, and fun!

Because each session is customized for your team's specific needs, the options are limitless. 

so contact me for a quote... and let's play our way to wonderful discovery together!